Going Away Party for Zana.. IN A PHOTO STUDIO!

Who was going to tell me this morning that my friend´s going away party was going to be in this RAD huge photo studio! And that I was going to bond with the amazing and so much fun Claude Shade. When Zana saw my face entering the place she said "You are dying now, huh?" yeah, I was freaking dying seeing all sort of photo equipment that I had never seen before and other that I was very familiar with. After chatting about german music with the photographer I help him out to set the lights, wires, pocket wizards and he asked me to shoot, and if at some point I would have get pissed off of taking so much photos he created a secret code for me to tell him and stop the shooting, but I didnt use it, I was very enjoying how all this intoxicated people (including me) were having so much fun. Thank u all!

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