Going Away Party for Zana.. IN A PHOTO STUDIO!

Who was going to tell me this morning that my friend´s going away party was going to be in this RAD huge photo studio! And that I was going to bond with the amazing and so much fun Claude Shade. When Zana saw my face entering the place she said "You are dying now, huh?" yeah, I was freaking dying seeing all sort of photo equipment that I had never seen before and other that I was very familiar with. After chatting about german music with the photographer I help him out to set the lights, wires, pocket wizards and he asked me to shoot, and if at some point I would have get pissed off of taking so much photos he created a secret code for me to tell him and stop the shooting, but I didnt use it, I was very enjoying how all this intoxicated people (including me) were having so much fun. Thank u all!




More Domonique...

City takes


Editorial shoots with Rikky & Phill

So another Sunday shooting and this time with my coleages Rikki Ward and Phillip Maisel. This are some of the shots that we took. The ones of me are by Phill, the ones of both of us are from Rikki and the ones of only Phill are mine, I hope you enjoy as much as we did!


Who wants to go on a road trip with Ryan Mcginley??

HEY EVERYONE!! Ryan is always looking for new models to photograph on his three-month whirlwind summer road-trips. If you’re down to get naked and frolic your way across America write to: chris@ryanmcginley.com

Photographer : Dietmar Busse

Double exposures collection is breathtaking. Medium format film and the whole zone system in the prints.


Flashback Oahu.. under arm light

In this rainy days I wish I would be there with my friends from Spain...