"Bizarroom" model: Lance

Love is desolate. Romance is temporary. Sex is forever.

"Romance" is one of the movies that inspired me the most lately, photography wise and content, I give it a ***** in my own personal rank.


Pocket Photo of the day - MOMA exhibit-

Tryptic - LINES & COLOR-

This is an example of a small series of Tryptics that I made a couple of years ago trying to experiment with design elements and color theory principals. I used fragments of what I called residual photos, photos that I was accumulating and I didnt have any use for them I decided to recycle them and pick parts that I would like to combine to create a harmonius composition based on those principals of design that I was learning at the moment.
I wanna work in another small series of photos like the one in b&w in the middle, ( is possible to see the face of my friend Sinzy rolling a joint), where people and buildings fussion and tell us a story and reflect the essential relationship between both subjects.



More Domonique soon...


Folsom st. Festival 08- Photobooth@Gray Area Gallery-

This past Folsom St. Fair I had the opportunity to collaborate with 2 beautiful talented beings, Keith Aguiar & Jody Jock who are very good friends of mine and we share love and passion for portrait photography. Their tandem union name is "Prayers for Children". They had the Gray Area Gallery for themselves in such a great occasion where they have the opportunity to present their latest works in a huge exhibition that recieved hundreds of visitors. In such a prime location they set up a Photobooth for me to portrait and enjoy the life and sexual freedom of the festival. Take a peak at their website where you can find the rest of this series and the statement and work of this 2 great artists:


Creep Dancer

I took this ones at the studio 4 months ago. I was experimenting with movement and low light situations, and is incredible how you can see the whole spectrum of the moves. Is almost magical what you can capture under those conditions.

You are so transparent...

Window Light, new obssesion

Pics by Aorta


A sneak peak from my digital

It almost was tragic... when Zana arrived and we were ready to start I opened the lumedyne bag and the dumb people who work at the studio forgot to include the batterie for it!!! BRAVO!! In this case scenario Rikkie Ward was my salvation, she lives just one block away and she had rented the same equipment than I did so part of the credit goes for her. Thank you!
This is a preview shots I took w the Ds. On wednesday I´ll pick up the roll and I´ll upload the final shots, in the meantime I hope you enjoy this ones. THANK YOU ZANA FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

Old Illustration..

I did this 5 years ago when I still was living in Madrid, in the drawing is my best friend, my muse, Ana Montiaga, Fashion Designer and sociology student. After she graduated from FAshion school she started collaborating with an ONG called "diseno para el desarrollo". She is been travelling all over the world, to the poorest and more needed populations helping the locals to create a sustainable way of living using their local fabrics to create clothing that they can sell fair trade. and she is almost packing to go now for a month to Titikaka Lake,Peru. This is her and she is gonna be my inspiration for my shooting this evening.

Soaking wet but, hey, I got a BUNCH!!

After all this Zana, you better work it ! :)

Supperclub "Confort & Joy" benefit.

Lovely "V"´s strip burlesque performance is always outrageous, even straight dudes get crazy at it!, definitely is the best strip show I´ve ever watch.

Fantastic Portrait #1 - MALAKAI-

Here is "The Automaton" new character that Malakai created for his new performance. This is the portrait I took right after his show at Supperclub.


I think I´m starting to enjoy this kind of days in S.F, we are very spoiled with sunny days around here so when a teardrop of rain falls is a blessing. Still I´m gonna have to stay home and prepare a set in my room for a photoshoot at 6pm with the lovely Zana Bayne, designer and blogger, who very kindly she accepted to posse for me for my editorial photography class assignment. This is how the room looks now...
MESS! The idea is very simple, more based in achromatic color scheme, she always dresses in black, white or gray as well as my room. I need some props, I just need a touch of color there and I feel like I´m gonna have to take some cherry blossoms branches from San Carlos st. just a pair, they look beautiful now in full blossom...

...is right after this moment